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About me? Well, I’m Sean. I’m 36 living in the gorgeous city of York. I have a gorgeous wife Karina and an amazing daughter Freya.

I’ve just been diagnosed as having cancer, specifically advanced bladder cancer which has spread to my pelvic bones and spine. At the time of being diagnosed, I was told without treatment I had in the region of 12 months to live. Chemo could potentially extend that by a few month but it was incurable.

I decided to write this blog for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it’s a place for me to vent. I’ll moan about all things cancer, family, work, anything that’s bugging me. It might help me get my thoughts in line.

Secondly, a place for me to celebrate. To post all the positive things that are happening despite the cancer.

Third, my treatment. What’s happening and when and how is it going.

Finally, who knows my ramblings on here may help someone else who is going through similar things. That’d be awesome if it did.

I plan on paying for this blog to stay live for a good few years after I’ve gone, allowing people to read back through my posts and remember the last months. So hoping to have plenty of positive postings on here for them to read!

Sean 🙂

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