The Christmas Update

Another month has gone by so time for another update lol I haven’t been finding anything worth putting on here as much now, most of the updates are the same. It’s all good news, but the same good news so just repeating myself a lot. On top of that more people are reading this than I first intended ( 1 ) so probably more self conscious about what I write / say on here. Fundraising The Ribbon Run event is shaping up really well, now boosted to 200 spaces to sell and have the support of Macmillan who are going…


Post holiday update

It’s been a while since my last update, I didn’t even bother with an update for day 8 of chemo this time ( spoiler alert – it was uneventful and normal 🙂 ) so it has been a few weeks. In that time we have had an amazing break away with 7 nights in the lakes. Wigton to be precise ( near Penrith ) and took a total of 3403 photos of which I will now go through each and every one with you…… ok maybe not but i’ve added a handful in the gallery below. We had a little…


GoodGym and Running – a return to normality

One of the things people who know me just through this blog won’t know about me is that before the cancer I was a keen runner. Briefly, I started running what I call “properly” in January ’17 when I completed my first parkrun. From this I went on to run my first 10k race for Stroke Association, joined Goodgym, completed the Leeds Half Marathon ( then went out the following weekend to beat my time as was gutted missing out on sub 2hr finish! ). With the support of Goodgym I went on to complete more races, the Castle Howard…