A wheelie good day out…

Today saw us spend a day out at a wildlife park, which isn’t the point of this blog so won’t go into details here but the point is as we went in we noticed they loan out wheelchairs. Just an of the cuff observation at first but as we finished a lap of the first loop and had lunch we started to realised that at only half way round I was already starting to get tired. I would have been fine to carry on the rest of the way but knackered and bed bound as soon as we got back writing off the evenings entertainment for me.

So, we decided to give it a whirl. They were very basic chairs, self-powered and a little rusty from age but perfectly fine to do the job. I was a bit unsure if I should or not at first but would be a good little test – free at that also.

I hopped in, and Kari started pushing away. Comfortable enough even though it was only basic, and Kari had no trouble pushing me up the first slope. Round onto the grass and I had a go myself, making a bid for freedom and wheeling myself away. It was easier than I thought it would be to get the thing to shift – though speed wasn’t exactly forthcoming lol.

We went round the entire second half of the wildlife park taking turns moving me around, even Freya had a go. The narrow walkways through the trees didn’t even pose much of a problem though my only gripe is people being too nice – daft as it may sound – hang back near that wider bit as long as you like I aint gonna go faster for your sake i’m enjoying the animals…. just squeeze past there’s plenty of room lol. It sounds daft but that would really annoy me. Hang back if you really need to, not for the sake of it when you clearly could get past.

I think it’s changed my opinion on wheelchairs a little. I would still want my independence though – much preferring to push myself around than have Kari do it for me. I don’t really need one at the moment, i’m not at that stage, but it was a worthwhile little test of them. Should my condition get worse I don’t think i’d have a problem getting a chair now. Though an electric one would be better 😛

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