My work and crowdfunding

I have the best employer, they’re amazing in fact! Not only that, my work colleagues are genuinely some of the nicest people you could ever meet – with a few exceptions of course lol.

I have been with Banks-Sadler for just over 4 years. I accidentally landed a role looking after some of finance filing as when it came to that – they were frankly incompetent! Cutting a long story short a few month later I was offered a finance assistant role after a couple of staff unexpectedly left ( translation: they were desperate! ) and continued to stumble and blag my way into working with overheads and corporate credit cards and reconciling the daily bank statements.

This from some random guy with no previous finance experience what-so-ever! The blagging and stumbling saw me through a huge restructure under a new CFO who I still insist must have been high at the time he chose to put me into a management accounts role!

I stuck that out for a good year or so before deciding to take a step back and move into a treasury position. Less stress, awesome manager Bunmi ( not to detract from the awesomeness of Li though ) and most importantly an end to working from home meaning more time with my family.

Day to day everybody grumbles about work, we all do it. Moan about which managers we hate, the fairness of processes etc. I had my fair share of that and even a run in or two with some people but looking back – I genuinely can’t complain.

Banks Sadler has been an amazing company to work for over the years, they have always been supportive where they could be, we get some regular nice treats when ever a client or supplier would visit. All year round casual dress down. And some fantastic people to work with.

It sounds cheesy but it’s very common when someone has left the company to hear them say what makes the company so great is the people who work there, and it’s true. The majority of the people I’ve met have been great to know. You get the odd bad egg of course but they don’t seem to stick around long.

With everything that’s happening now, work are being so supportive I almost don’t know what to say. It’s just as much a new situation for them to be in as it is for me so their actions now set a precedent should anything happen again – and honestly their actions now are something they should be proud of.

I cannot thank them enough, not just the individuals such as Bunmi, Leigh, Sophie etc but the company in general. The support they are giving me both directly and otherwise is making things so much simpler and lifting a huge weight. Genuinely – thankyou!

Yesterday I went out with some of my colleagues for a kind of “fake leaving meal” ( since I’m not actually leaving I’m just not gonna be around ) and aside from having a brilliant time I found out something they were going to do for me, and then today they went ahead and made it live.

They setup a crowdfunding page…. for me!

To try raise some funds so as a family we can go away on a holiday or something and make some memories! I genuinely nearly started crying in the middle of the office when I read what they’d typed up.

I don’t care if no one donates to this, it’s just the fact that they’ve gone out of their way to try it for me. It shows how amazing these guys are!

You can check it out at but again just to re-iterate I don’t expect anyone to actually donate here – use the Macmillan one to the right / underneath this blog instead 🙂

Photo below is the motley crew themselves ( -3 who didn’t realise we were heading for ice cream lol ) left to right it’s Bunmi, me, Clare, Jackie,Jayne, John and Kerrie and we are missing Gessica, Tim and Mike ( who never socialises but we kidnapped from systems lol )

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