Post holiday update

It’s been a while since my last update, I didn’t even bother with an update for day 8 of chemo this time ( spoiler alert – it was uneventful and normal 🙂 ) so it has been a few weeks. In that time we have had an amazing break away with 7 nights in the lakes. Wigton to be precise ( near Penrith ) and took a total of 3403 photos of which I will now go through each and every one with you…… ok maybe not but i’ve added a handful in the gallery below.

We had a little wooden cabin with an outdoor hot tub, a few miles from anywhere and spoilt for choice for woodland walks. We ended up heading to Whinlatter the most, a gorgeous forest with several walks, A decent visitor centre and even a beginners orienteering course for us to try out but also made it to Dodd Wood. Not as big as Whinlatter but we were lucky to spot a red squirrel while there! To say I was knackered those days would definitely be an understatement!

Fresh back from the holiday and still with a week to go until day 1 of chemo again, on Monday I had a CT scan to check how things were going, if anything had changed or improved etc. Hopefully find out what’s happening on Thursday! Then I headed out with Goodgym again. A steady run/walk down to the meeting point which is less than half a mile away, then I was back marking the walking group to the task. Same on the return after the task. The task itself was good going, working on a forest schools area for a nearby school I helped out ripping up a wooden walkway around a pound while others dug up grassy areas.

You can check out the run report for this here!

I’m still toying with the idea of running the marathon. 9 weeks to go now. I went out a few hours ago and managed to get a mile in run/walking. Still naff ( relatively speaking ) but an improvement. Going from someone who finished a marathon to someone who struggles to run 1 mile is a tough pill to swallow but something i’m gonna keep working on. There is a half marathon coming up which I may sign up to, a tester race before the full marathon which follows a few weeks later and a good interim target.

I’ll post another update towards the weekend – plan on being out running as much as I can this week and maybe getting Vivian ( my bike ) out also for the first time this year, then I have the results of my CT scan on Thursday ( fingers crossed ) and day one chemo on Friday.

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