The Christmas Update

Another month has gone by so time for another update lol

I haven’t been finding anything worth putting on here as much now, most of the updates are the same. It’s all good news, but the same good news so just repeating myself a lot. On top of that more people are reading this than I first intended ( 1 ) so probably more self conscious about what I write / say on here.


The Ribbon Run event is shaping up really well, now boosted to 200 spaces to sell and have the support of Macmillan who are going to help promote on social media, I’m talking with Parkrun about maybe arranging something to tie this in with parkrun on one of the weekends also and we have a school team taking part… so if you’re in York you’ll have plenty of options to take part in the run! Sign-ups over at if you ignore the rest of this blog, please just share that! 🙂

On top of that I’ve spoken to The York Pie company and there is a chance we could have “The Daddy” pie on sale this month depending how on top of things they are, but at the latest mid January and we will be able to take pre-orders for those… i’ll update when I know more.

Then on top of that ( again ) the Katie Ventress School Of Dance has offered to donate fundraising from their show in April next year to a charity of my choice, last year they raised about £1600 split between two charities so that’s amazing of them to offer!

We had our Christmas meal at work recently and fundraising came up, quickly followed by the suggestion of a sponsored leg wax in the office for the men. I’ve emailed the gaffer already to see if we can make that one happen though I bet they were hoping I’d forgotten that convo!

And finally the “Sean Coxhead Fun Run” ( worst name ever but we’ll go with it lol ) is shaping up… a closed event at local school, fancy dress fun run complete with medals for the kids and running into the evening with food etc. Shaping up to be a big success!


Treatment-wise nothing has really changed. I’ve just had cycle 9 of my chemo/immuno and have a CT scan on the 17th Dec and should have the results of that on the 20th, then day 1 chemo for cycle 10 on the 21st. I will be just sitting and staring at the wall the few days following to make sure I’m over it for the 25th… so if you know me, just stay away I won’t want you around lol.


My running has been suffering, I’m supposed to be doing a half marathon mid January but very unlikely to be able to do that now, maybe need to focus more on shorter distance runs.

Freya has started getting into her running more and more now. She’s completed a few of the junior parkruns, after the first one insisting on doing it by herself leaving me on the sidelines. We’ve just completed the Chase The Pud run together – the furthest she’s ever done though she did struggle a little… will have to try get her out mid-week more.



So that’s it, my birthday tomorrow and gonna head to my favourite pie place ( The Piebald Inn ), the only thing they are missing on the menu is The Daddy!

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