The Great Escape

Na na na naaa naaaa I’m going on holiday and you’re notttttt ( unless you are in which case pft )

Last minute plans are always the best kind, and we decided very much last minute to go on holiday. We managed to book a Haven caravan for just under £200 for 4 nights ( bargain – near half price ) – wrote up a quick note to Freya’s school to get permission to take her ( they had no issues at all ) and packed. Not only would this be a fantastic little escape from everything that was going on, it would give us chance to go off the grid and just spend some time as a family which we definitely needed and a good test of how I would cope with the cancer.

The drive straight through would have been just over 4 hours, the last time I took a long drive was 2.5 hours to visit my dad, then 2.5 hours back and that wiped me out for 2 days straight. I was stuck in and very sick. We decided this time to play it safe and split the journey, 1.5 hour drive down to Grantham with an overnight stay in a Premier Inn, then 2.5 hours to the Wild Duck Haven in Great Yarmouth. Aside from being tired at at the end of each leg, it wasn’t to bad and we probably could have done the full trip.

We’d asked for a caravan close to the entertainment complex and they couldn’t haven given us one closer – we were practically on the doorstep. They had also upgraded us to a 3 bed caravan in the process! Cancer has it’s benefits 😉 lol.

Haven is soooo much better during term time, very quiet, no long queues and most of the kids were just toddlers making Freya one of the older kids. On the first night I sipped my first alcoholic drink in 4, maybe 5 months and tried to stay awake through the show. Freya definitely getting to old for this now, as she sat watching the show she looked more bored than us – as the week went on she didn’t even bother going down to the stage to watch and just stayed at the table. I managed to keep the alcohol down long enough to lose at prize bingo before an early night.

On the first full day, Freya and Kari hit the swimming pool. I was never a fan of swimming and with the chemo it’s on the no can do list anyway – chemo reduces the immune system so swimming is a bit of a risk apparantly – so I headed off for a slow walk exploring and taking pics instead. We had originally considered booking a safari tent at £99 for 4 nights but wasn’t sure how suitable they would be so I headed off to find them. They were actually quite large, only 5 of them that I could see and just as big if not bigger than the caravan. Will definitely consider using them instead next time!

Having recovered from the drive down and not so tired we headed of to Thrigby Wildlife Park the next day. I wrote a short separate blog on part of this visit which you can read here, but the wildlife park itself is fantastic. You can get so close to the animals, even the tigers. There are walkways around and over the Tiger enclosure ( which feel a lil rickety… not recommended if you have a thing about heights lol ) and the tigers can climb up to the centre viewing point – you could probably just about touch it through the fence should you be stupid enough to try! I would really recommend this place to everyone if you are down in the area!

Once again pretty much wiped out and now with a leg swollen to double the size, we made the next day a chill day. I sat next to the outdoor pool while Kari and Freya swam again, then BBQ. One of my best I out did myself on this one not to boast or anything lol.

The final day coincided with payday, so I took Freya into the shop and as a treat let her pick anything she wanted, no limits. She settled on a Polly cushion and a few little bits so didn’t break the bank thankfully lol.

We decided to brave the whole trip back in one go, would have only been 4 hours. As we set off though the traffic mounted up, as did the temperature. Stopping several times including an ice cream break at a dodgy looking and very empty diner it was closer to 8 hours by the time we got back… but I was ok just very tired as was Kari and Freya.

It was definitely worth escaping for the week we had some fantastic days and made some of those nice memories everyone wants us to have. Now just to wait for August for the next holiday!

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