Final update before doomsday! ( marathon day )

This has come around quick, on Sunday i’ll be lining up with several thousand people at York Uni ready to run, jog, walk and wheel 26.2 miles! Plans have evolved slightly since my last update and everything is now in place to make sure I cross the finish line no matter what! I will start the race with Nick and Barbara, running the first 3 miles to the Goodgym manned water station… running might not be the right word more short spurts of something resembling a run, broken up with hobbling, stopping and gasping and some walking. At the 3…


Powerchairs and racing – Video update

´╗┐ Correction – the┬áseeyorkrunyork turpin challenge is on the Saturday not the Sunday as in the video… Whoops

Cycle 5 and the marathon

I just got back from cycle 5 day 1 and thought I would get this up before I fall asleep! Yesterday I had an appointment with the doc and as far as treatment goes the plan is basically to carry on until something changes… so I either start to have a bad reaction to the chemo or it stops being effective and the tumour starts to get bigger again. I’m due to have another CT scan around the middle of October to see what’s going on. Today the chemo went nice and smoothly, though the second infusion ended up being…