Powerchairs and racing – Video update

 Correction – the seeyorkrunyork turpin challenge is on the Saturday not the Sunday as in the video… Whoops

Cycle 5 and the marathon

I just got back from cycle 5 day 1 and thought I would get this up before I fall asleep! Yesterday I had an appointment with the doc and as far as treatment goes the plan is basically to carry on until something changes… so I either start to have a bad reaction to the chemo or it stops being effective and the tumour starts to get bigger again. I’m due to have another CT scan around the middle of October to see what’s going on. Today the chemo went nice and smoothly, though the second infusion ended up being…


Post holiday update

It’s been a while since my last update, I didn’t even bother with an update for day 8 of chemo this time ( spoiler alert – it was uneventful and normal 🙂 ) so it has been a few weeks. In that time we have had an amazing break away with 7 nights in the lakes. Wigton to be precise ( near Penrith ) and took a total of 3403 photos of which I will now go through each and every one with you…… ok maybe not but i’ve added a handful in the gallery below. We had a little…