Update on treatment – video

This first video is a update on my treatment plan, then if you scroll down there is another video explaining immunotherapy I came across last night which I thought was really clear and helpful so worth sharing 🙂 Immunotherapy explained Crowd funding link is below though again I’d encourage you to donate to the Macmillan fund raiser instead.

The Friday that made it real – video

As a bit of an experiment I recorded a video blog. Turned out to be little bit tougher to record than I thought so I was undecided whether to actually post this one, but I suppose this is how it is and I think it conveys things better than a written blog could. My first treatment


Breaking the news to Freya

Right from the word go, we had a huge problem. I have the most amazing, beautiful, sweetest little 7 year old in the world. Someone who is going to be completely crushed by this news. How the hell are you supposed to get through that? Making matters worse, back in February / March when I was ill but undiagnosed, we were quite happily sat watching Bake Off, the stand up to cancer specials when she turned round to me and asked me if I had cancer and was going to die. Of course, I reassured her that wasn’t the case…

My first treatment

Holy hell this hurts! I had my first session of treatment on Friday, and was warned at the time that the pain would get worse before it gets better. But holy hell! This hurts! This was a one of treatment with the intention of helping reduce the pain around my pelvis, before starting my main treatment on the medical trial ( which will be in another blog post soon ). A single session of radiotherapy on my pelvis. It all sounded rosy and while they did explain, several times, the side effects perhaps I underestimated how much they would affect…

Well fuck – getting you upto speed

Ok, Well Hi! So as you may  have guessed – I have cancer. I was diagnosed early may after a long drawn out period of illness and doctors getting it wrong – as it actually started way back in January. The year started with me making some ambitious plans for my running. I was to cover 1000 miles over the course of the year, beat my time for the Yorkshire Marathon and finally get a six pack among other things. Instead, at some point in January I started to feel ill and over the course of the next few months…