Powerchairs and racing – Video update

 Correction – the seeyorkrunyork turpin challenge is on the Saturday not the Sunday as in the video… Whoops


Post holiday update

It’s been a while since my last update, I didn’t even bother with an update for day 8 of chemo this time ( spoiler alert – it was uneventful and normal 🙂 ) so it has been a few weeks. In that time we have had an amazing break away with 7 nights in the lakes. Wigton to be precise ( near Penrith ) and took a total of 3403 photos of which I will now go through each and every one with you…… ok maybe not but i’ve added a handful in the gallery below. We had a little…

Cycle 3 and Run 1

It’s getting to the point now where I need to decide for definite if I am going to take part in the Yorkshire Marathon. It’s about 13 weeks to go and just enough time to build up to the distance if I want to do it but if I leave it much longer I won’t be ready. It’s also been a good few month’s since I last went running – back in February! I decided this morning to head out and do a mile and just see how it goes, in short it could have gone better. I hit quarter…