Playing hooky from chemo

Super short update today, I was supposed to have been in yesterday ( Friday ) for my chemo top up on day 8, but it turns out I’ve developed a lovely infection over the last few days. They are pretty strict on these things with instructions to call them with anything more than a runny nose ( pretty much lol ) so we called them up early Friday and was asked to head in early to be checked out. A quick test later and Dr Belvedere decided it wasn’t worth going ahead this time and stuck me on a course…


Cycle 1 Day 8 – Smooth Sailing

It’s come round fast for my second bout of chemo, the first batch went smoothly enough and I haven’t really had to much in the way of bad side effects. The worst one probably feeling nauseous which was quickly sorted with a tablet. Other than that i’ve had a tennis ball size swollen lump appear at the top of my leg, thankfully pain free, slightly squishy to press lol and it disappeared after a few days. I’ve had pins n needles which made for a funny moment when I was desperate for the loo and couldn’t get the top button…

medical trial

The Chemo Day

It finally came around, around a full month has passed since first diagnosed and I made it in for cycle one day one of my medical trial. Nervous? No, surprisingly not. It’s not like I was going in for major surgery or anything, very little could actually go wrong and in the event of any bad reaction I would be surrounded by specialist nurses to get me sorted out. Kari was nervous though, enough for the both of us! Advised to take an overnight bag ( just in case ) and a picnic for lunch we rolled up just before…

Update on treatment – video

This first video is a update on my treatment plan, then if you scroll down there is another video explaining immunotherapy I came across last night which I thought was really clear and helpful so worth sharing 🙂 Immunotherapy explained Crowd funding link is below though again I’d encourage you to donate to the Macmillan fund raiser instead.