Update on treatment – video

This first video is a update on my treatment plan, then if you scroll down there is another video explaining immunotherapy I came across last night which I thought was really clear and helpful so worth sharing 🙂 Immunotherapy explained Crowd funding link is below though again I’d encourage you to donate to the Macmillan fund raiser instead.

medical trial

The Medical Trial

Before I get into the main topic for this blog I quickly want to thank everyone who has donated so far to my fundraising page for Macmillan Cancer Support. The page has only been live a few days and is already just shy of a quarter of the way to the target amount which is amazing! If you haven’t donated yet, a link to do so is just to the right of this blog ( or below on mobile devices ) or you can go to to read the full story behind the fundraising. Anything you can give to…

The Friday that made it real – video

As a bit of an experiment I recorded a video blog. Turned out to be little bit tougher to record than I thought so I was undecided whether to actually post this one, but I suppose this is how it is and I think it conveys things better than a written blog could. My first treatment

My first treatment

Holy hell this hurts! I had my first session of treatment on Friday, and was warned at the time that the pain would get worse before it gets better. But holy hell! This hurts! This was a one of treatment with the intention of helping reduce the pain around my pelvis, before starting my main treatment on the medical trial ( which will be in another blog post soon ). A single session of radiotherapy on my pelvis. It all sounded rosy and while they did explain, several times, the side effects perhaps I underestimated how much they would affect…