Cycle 1 Day 8 – Smooth Sailing

It’s come round fast for my second bout of chemo, the first batch went smoothly enough and I haven’t really had to much in the way of bad side effects. The worst one probably feeling nauseous which was quickly sorted with a tablet. Other than that i’ve had a tennis ball size swollen lump appear at the top of my leg, thankfully pain free, slightly squishy to press lol and it disappeared after a few days. I’ve had pins n needles which made for a funny moment when I was desperate for the loo and couldn’t get the top button of my jeans un-fastened! Then the usual restless nights which may be more just a continuation of how I was before treatment than anything caused by treatment though it has caused some major fatigue.

So – overall it’s been pretty smooth sailing and not at all like some of the horror stories you hear about how awful chemo can be. At the moment I haven’t noticed any thinning hair, still hoping for that one so I can get it all shaved off!

For this treatment we kept Freya off school to take with us, she has for some time been keen to come along and see who was looking after me and what they were doing etc. Making a day of it we took her first to Ellerby’s restaurant for fishy Friday ( really nice, and cheap! ) then wondered around to the Cancer Care Centre to sit in the garden for half an hour colouring with her.

The treatment itself was just a quick infusion of Gemcitabine, 30 minutes with a saline flush before and after. Nothing fancy this time just quickly in and out. Freya was there to watch the whole process and seemed slightly morbidly more curious and eager to get a closer look when the needle was being put in and taken out lol. She definitely seemed pleased to be there and relieved, knowing herself now what was actually happening and there was nothing to worry about for these visits. Would really recommend to anyone in the same situation to take your kid along to one of the simpler treatment days it’s definitely worth it!

We now have a break with Cycle 2 Day 1 being on July 6th so plenty of time to just rest up and recover before starting the whole process again.

We got back home from the treatment just around the time parents were collecting kids from school ( which happens to be directly opposite our house ) and one of the parents, Gemma, came up to me with a mysterious brown package. Inside was a set of 3 photos of us framed with the phrase ” Family is where life begins and love never ends “. Also accompanied with a card and a cash gift from Freya’s class at school! A very generous gift completely and totally unexpected! Even Freya commented on how nice it was of everybody while Kari had a little cry!

It keeps catching me out now, just how supportive everyone is being. From my work colleagues, Strava stalkers, Parents ( even though I’m told I spend more time glaring at them than talking to them lol ), running buddies and complete strangers. It really is unreal the amount of support we have been on the receiving end of and we as a family cannot thank you all enough! We will definitely be making lots of memories with all these generous donations to us!

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