Cycle 3 and Run 1

It’s getting to the point now where I need to decide for definite if I am going to take part in the Yorkshire Marathon. It’s about 13 weeks to go and just enough time to build up to the distance if I want to do it but if I leave it much longer I won’t be ready. It’s also been a good few month’s since I last went running – back in February!

I decided this morning to head out and do a mile and just see how it goes, in short it could have gone better. I hit quarter of a mile and had to stop very out of breath, it took a few minutes before I could set off again and I turned back to head home. 0.6 mile covered at 12m/m pace. A long long way from where I used to be but on the positive side there was no pain at all, my legs felt fine and it felt great to be out again! It was just my lungs… I need to build my fitness back up again!

I’m still undecided at the moment, I need a few more runs, some cardio sessions and some strength sessions and see how I cope a few weeks from now… I’m gonna train as if i’m doing it and make a decision towards the end of August. I’ll be gutted if I drop out – but at the same time I think i’d be worse if I start it and don’t finish, i’d rather not start at all if i’m not gonna finish.

Fresh from the run I headed out for cycle 3 day 1 of chemo. Infection free and no reason to delay or cancel. Pharmacy found a particle in one of the infusions so had to remake that, causing a small delay but otherwise pretty straight forward and issue free. The nurse this time round seemed a bit more rushed than the others – shoving the cannula needle in, asking the same questions several times within seconds of each other and seeming like they had to be where ever their mind was at the time. I nearly apologised for keeping them. Maybe they were just having a bad day but I couldn’t wait to get away from the place after dealing with them and quietly hoping it’s someone else next time.

So I have day 8 next Thursday which is just the quick and easy top up dose, then shortly after it’s away on holiday for a break. The firewalk I mentioned in my video update is happening on the 15th October so quite a while of yet – plenty of time to do some fundraising and add to the £800 figure!

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