Cycle 5 and the marathon

I just got back from cycle 5 day 1 and thought I would get this up before I fall asleep!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the doc and as far as treatment goes the plan is basically to carry on until something changes… so I either start to have a bad reaction to the chemo or it stops being effective and the tumour starts to get bigger again. I’m due to have another CT scan around the middle of October to see what’s going on.

Today the chemo went nice and smoothly, though the second infusion ended up being more painful than usual so I had to use the lil heat sleeve thingy I last used back on cycle one – otherwise all good so far just fairly exhausted now. Takeaway for tea before the sickness starts!

As far as running goes, and training for the marathon, this ain’t going fantastically. I attempted parkrun last Saturday and ended up having to stop after just 1 mile – so a complete fail there. Apparently the chemo treatment is progressive and so the toxicity is greater with each cycle – hence why I am now feeling worse after treatment specifically and in general. Running is more difficult and starting to feel like I have less energy day to day.

This isn’t great as far as the marathon goes, 6 weeks to go as off yesterday and it’s looking now that I won’t be able to finish it. I’m still hoping to be able to start it and just see how far I get, but i’m not anywhere near where I need to be to finish the thing so won’t be a finishers medal or shirt for me this time.

Tomorrow I’m taking part in the relay for life for Cancer Research UK, doing the “lap of honour” at the start. Check it out at

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