My first treatment

Holy hell this hurts!

I had my first session of treatment on Friday, and was warned at the time that the pain would get worse before it gets better. But holy hell! This hurts!

This was a one of treatment with the intention of helping reduce the pain around my pelvis, before starting my main treatment on the medical trial ( which will be in another blog post soon ). A single session of radiotherapy on my pelvis.

It all sounded rosy and while they did explain, several times, the side effects perhaps I underestimated how much they would affect me, everyone’s different!

So the process for anyone who doesn’t know is pretty simple, on the Wednesday I made tracks to St. James in Leeds where they carried out a quick CT scan of my pelvis, then tattooed a couple of small reference dots on either side of my hips. Barely the size of a freckle not really noticeable the idea is ( I think ) they use these dots as a reference against the scan to line me up correctly on the day. The whole visit took around 20 minutes, the nurses were lovely and it couldn’t have gone smoother.

I returned on the Friday for the treatment. Things kinda hit home today which again I’m gonna go into in a different blog post, but the extra stress and worry I was having was probably making me feel worse than usual.

First up on arrival was a chat with the nurses to make sure I understood what they were gonna do and what the side effects were. I was to expect a peak of pain that night, then the treatment would continue to work for about 2 weeks during which all the symptoms would peak towards the end then ease.

I was the taken to a changing room and given a mooners gown to change into before lying down on the machine. The machine was the type where once the bed was adjusted the bits moved around me, rather than the bed moving. They took a few minutes to shuffle and shift me around, lining up my new tattoos before taking an X-ray to be sure I was in the correct place.

The machine fired up, made a bit of a buzzing sound from its gadgetry bit above my pelvis, before spinning around underneath me and repeating the process. There is no contact here and you don’t feel a thing, 5 minutes and it’s over it’s difficult to believe it could do anything in that time!

That night the expected peak in pain didn’t happen it was essentially no different to any other night. But in the days that have followed… wow.

The pain in my hips has slowly grown, starting with short random stabbing pains if I moved my leg in what my hips deemed to be the incorrect direction at that time lol. Slowly getting more intense and lower back pain also appearing just to add insult.

This morning in particular, after a very restless night I came down stairs at around 5am feeling very stiff. I made it from the front room door to Rocky’s cage ( 2 metres or so ) and that was it.

An intense pain came on in both sides of my hips, forcing me to bend over slightly to ease it and I couldn’t bring myself to move. It’s difficult to describe the pain, I stood there for a full minute before it started to ease up again and I eased down onto the sofa.

This was Monday, just a few days into the 2 weeks or so when the symptoms will grow and peak! I won’t lie it’s making me slightly nervous for the next 10 days I may be calling the GP after a bigger dose of something!

On the positive side, I suppose it means the treatment has actually done something right, whether it’s helping remains to be seen but it’s definitely done something!

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