Playing hooky from chemo

Super short update today, I was supposed to have been in yesterday ( Friday ) for my chemo top up on day 8, but it turns out I’ve developed a lovely infection over the last few days. They are pretty strict on these things with instructions to call them with anything more than a runny nose ( pretty much lol ) so we called them up early Friday and was asked to head in early to be checked out.

A quick test later and Dr Belvedere decided it wasn’t worth going ahead this time and stuck me on a course of antibiotics instead. With it being just a top up also, it wasn’t worth delaying it either just cancel and start cycle 3 as normal next time around.

Otherwise, symptoms this last week have been pretty mild again. I’d been given tablets for the swelling I’d had last time so that didn’t really come up again other than a small lump and nothing more than the usual nauseous feelings.

Coming up – Cycle 3 will be starting a day early so we can time it for our holiday in August, then the week after we get back from holiday should be when I have my CT scan to see if anything is happening. I still need to write up a blog entry about things with Freya so will try get that done this next week!

On my last blog also I mentioned about taking photos for the SeeYorkRunYork Chocolate 10K. They had also put a collection tub out for me on the day for donations. In total, they raised £260 in donations towards my Macmillan Cancer Support fundraising – bringing the total to just over £800! In addition I’ve had around another £30 in donations from people who like the photo’s I took! It was a long 3 hours in hot sun but worth it for the fundraising – huge thanks to Joni at SeeYorkRunYork and to everyone who donated!

Shameless plug time – she doesn’t just organise races she provides running tours of York. Check out the details at – even if you live in or near York an early morning ( tourist free! ) running tour could be a great start to the weekend!

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